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Re: MS/CW-style inline assembly for GCC

>>>>> Matt Austern writes:

Matt> I don't think we want to emulate all of these things, which means
Matt> that not all code will be directly portable from MSVC to gcc.  Maybe
Matt> this means that "MS/CW-style" is a bad name for what we're trying
Matt> to do.  Perhaps a better name would just be: more natural syntax
Matt> for inline assembly.  There will be a large common subset between
Matt> the new gcc inline assembly syntax and MSVC inline assembly
Matt> syntax, but not an expectation that it will be wart-for-wart identical.

	If this new MS/CW-like syntax is not well defined, the GCC
community is going to be saddled with lots of bug reports.  Even with good
documentation, many users are going to try MS/CW-style inlined assembly
and complain about differences.  Telling the users "works as expected" may
not endear GCC to those users.

	I am not arguing against supporting that syntax.  We need to be
consider how users will approach this new feature.


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