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[tree-ssa] Merge status


The branch is in sync with mainline as of 2003-03-07.  It bootstraps
daily alphaev67-unknown-linux-gnu, i686-pc-linux-gnu,
x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu and

I've tried bootstrapping on sparc-sun-solaris2.8 but the machine is too
small for libjava and runs out of memory running 'ar'.  The compiler
bootstrapped, but I know there are outstanding sparc patches for it. 
I'd appreciate if someone with a beefier machine could try it out
together with Christian Ehrhardt's patch (which needs a
sparc or global maintainer to look over it).

Builds on mn10300-elf are currently underway.  I will post to
gcc-testresults as soon as the build finishes.  So far, I haven't seen
any problems.


There is new high-level documentation in doc/tree-ssa.texi and
doc/passes.texi.  Still not all there, but it's being populated.
All of the -f and --parm switches should already be documented.

If you are going over the implementation and find missing things, please
update PR 13756.

Application testing

We have been building FC2 with the tree-ssa compiler.  We can build 739
packages and fail to build 176 packages (build pass rate of 80.7%). 
About 20 failures are related to tree-ssa, ~30 are cast-as-lvalue
extensions and the rest are still to be determined.

There are 22 tree-ssa specific bugs.  The major obstacles are the memory
and compile time regressions in C++.  To get a list of all the bugs go

SPEC testing

For SPEC2000int, the branch is 2% behind mainline on x86.  For
SPEC2000fp, the branch is 0.4% ahead.  I will post x86-64 resuts soon.

Compile Time Performance

This is the major piece of work that we would like to address before the

Currently, bootstrap times on the branch are 14% slower than mainline
when configured with

    --disable-libmudflap --without-libbanshee --disable-checking

Work is underway to remove some RTL passes and figure out how to speed
up POOMA, DLV, MICO, etc.  PR 13776 is the place holder for all the
compile time and memory consumption regressions.  Once we fix these, we
should be ready to merge.


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