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GCC Status Report (2004-03-09)

[I tried to send this out last night, but apparently failed.]

GCC 3.4

Unfortunately, although progress was made last week, we still have a
ways to go.  We're down to 48 regressions targeted at 3.4.1, down from
57.  Some of those have patches that I've approved for 3.4, but there
are a lot that do not.  We're not ready to spin prerelease bits yet.

I'd particularly like to understand this RTX_UNCHANGING_P optimization
issue.  We've bumped into this before.  I think we need to take the
conservative approach, even if that is pessimizing in some case.
Would someone who understands the details of this bug please summarize
it, mail that to me, and also add that information to the appropriate

Some of the other PRs also look pretty significant.  I'll continue to
beat on the C++ issues, but there are serious issues with debugging
(13974) and with wrong code (14381, 14470, 12863, 13424, 13632).

Henceforth, please do not make any non-documentation check-ins to the
3.4 branch without my explicit approval.  To get that approval, please
do *not* send me mail directly.  Instead, add your patch to the
relevant PR, which must be targeted at 3.r, and add me to the CC list
for the PR.  Note that this procedure implies that if there is no PR
targeted at 3.4 I will not accept the patch.

Furthermore, please do not create any new PRs targeted for 3.4 without
my explicit permission.  If it's a regression, target it for 3.4.1.
If you think it might need to be fixed in 3.4, add me to the CC list,
and add a note asking me to move back the target.  Please do not do
this unless the PR is wrong-code, ICE-on-valid, or bootstrap for a
primary target.  New PRs referring to other categories of error are
simply not going to get fixed for 3.4.

GCC 3.5

In a holding pattern until tree-ssa merge is complete.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC

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