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Re: open watcom compiling gcc on win32

"Edward S. Peschko" <> writes:

> On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 04:49:03PM -0500, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
>> "Edward S. Peschko" <> writes:
>> > > BTW, FYI, Borland is not C++ ABI compatible with MSVC++.
>> > 
>> > reference? I see different.
>> > 
>> >
>> I don't see anything there which says that the C++ ABI is the same.
>> But I really have no information on the topic.
> It comes under the heading of "Microsoft Visual C++ project 6
> support". They don't specifically mention ABI compatibility, but
> they mention that you can import Microsoft visual C++ projects into
> Borland,

This is about source code projects.

> and to link to VC++ dlls through an import mechanism.

Only C dll's. Not C++. The same as MinGW.

> In any case, operationally you've been able to link Microsoft dll's to Borland
> apps for years. Eg, the following discussion on google (1998):

That's a C newsgroup.

I was a Borland C++ developer for 10 years. I *know* that Borland
uses a different C++ ABI. You can do a google search, request a
confirmation on the Borland newsgroups or simply try it yourself.

The fact is that gcc is *not* the only Windows compiler incompatible
with the MS C++ ABI.

>> On the other hand, I've heard several times that Microsoft has
>> patented their vtable layout.  That would make it impossible for gcc
>> to emulate it, unless Microsoft gave explicit permission.
> yeah. patents. you just have to look for chinks in their armor.
> Right now, I'm looking at the patent 5,481,708, which is a 
> 'system and methods for optimizing object-oriented compilations', and
> I assume is the patent that you are talking about.
> The most pertinent claim is #1:


> Anyways, that's the way I read it. Any other interpretations or patents?

IMHO, it's best to ask about this to a lawyer.

Coming back on-topic (for this ml) the SC has no power for adding your
feature to GCC (not any other feature, BTW). You need to convince a
GCC contributor to do the work (or do it yourself).


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