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Re: Help restricting args of an intrinsic function

On Friday, January 30, 2004, at 08:29 PM, Diego Novillo wrote:
So, does your scheme work when the optimizer is off (-O0)?

Of course not.

Then that's a problem, because the code should work regardless of the optimization setting.

Syd's problem can only be addressed if you have some
minimal data flow information available.

No. Enumeration constants don't require data flow. Intergral constant expressions don't require data flow. I don't think Syd needs anything as powerful as dataflow, just as powerful as fold. The problem is these are frontend concepts and they may need to be handled by frontend code. Machine specific builtins don't have easy access to the frontend and it seems that to solve this problem, we'd probably need access to the frontend, that, or those constructs have to be language independent enough to be handled by language independent code, or they need to be simplified by the fronend before that.

Now, I've not checked to see what all isn't handled, but it might be the case that something as simple as t = fold (t); will do everything Syd needs.... but, in general, I suspect we might need a frontend hook...

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