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Re: Change in employment

Yves Rutschle wrote:

On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 10:29:30PM +0100, Toon Moene wrote:

In the _Netherlands_, when unemployed, it is forbidden to work on *anything* that might also be performed as "work for hire".

That's ridiculous. Technically, there is nothing you can't
hire someone to do, so when unemployed you wouldn't have the
right to cook yourself an egg. I hope you're getting large
unemployment benefit with having to eat out every night :-)

I've received some other, hilarious, examples by private e-mail too - such that aren't appropriate for this family mailing list.

I think, however, that those responding do not understand the seriousness of the problem. The Netherlands isn't the socialist paradise some of you might make of it. In particular, unemployed people *with my skills* are seriously monitored to get back to (paid) employment.

So the not-so-hypothetical "discusion" between me and my employment adviser might go like this:

Governement Official: Mr. Moene, you're now unemployed for a month - what did you do to get paid employment ?

Me: <shows letters and rejects>

Gov. Off.: What else did you do this month ?

Me: Well, I read a lot and I continued to do my volunteer activities ...

Gov. Off.: What volunteer activities ?

Me: Church, GCC ...

Gov. Off.: GCC, what's that ?

Me: It's free software - let me show you the home page ...

Gov. Off.: Free ? So it's gratis ?

Me: No, Free stands for Freedom.

Gov. Off.: Oh, yes, I see; BTW, I see a lot of contributions from people who apparently are employed by corporations, some of which are even publicly traded - are you sure this is a volunteer activity ?

Me: Ummm, well, you see, ummm ...

Gov. Off.: Perhaps you should apply for a job in this sector. Until you can show us that's impossible, we assume you'll stop this activity.


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Saturnushof 14, 3738 XG  Maartensdijk, The Netherlands
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