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Re: How to configure GCC for a new back end

Nitin Jain wrote:
I wrote a Back-end for a small architecture.(This include .md, .h, and a .c
file). Now i want to configure GCC for this new Back-end.
So what is the procedure for it. Which files (GCC source files like some
Makefile etc.) are needed to be modified for this new Bach-end and how?

You need config.sub changes to recognize your architecture and/or OS if they are not already recognized. This file is part of the autoconf package.

You need gcc/config.gcc changes to recognize your target tuple. Add a stanza that uses your new target files, and sets other variables as necessary.

Most directories below the top level one have their own configure files. You will likely need to modify some of the others if you want a full gcc support. For instance, libstdc++ has some CPU and OS specific features, which means you may need to write some header files and/or assembly code, and add your target to libstdc++/

If is odd to have target files and yet not have configure support for them. That implies you haven't tested them yet. You are going to find lots of problems if this is the first time you are compiling them.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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