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Recent patch neglects to update tree.h - causes bootstrap failure

This patch

2003-10-25  Jan Hubicka  <>

        * dwarf2out.c (dw_cfi_oprnd_struct): Offset is HOST_WIDE_INT.
        (cfa_loc): Likewise.
        (reg_save, stack_adjust_offset, queue_reg_save): Replace long by
        (args_size, old_args_size): change type to HOST_WIDE_INT.
        (dwarf2out_def_cfa, dwarf2out_args_size,
        dwarf2out_reg_save, new_loc_descr): offset is HOST_WIDE_INT.
        (dw_val_struct): integers, unsigneds and offsets are HOST_WIDE_INT.
        (add_AT_int, add_AT_unsigned, att_AT_offset, AT_int, AT_unsigned,
        AT_offset): Use HOST_WIDE_INT.
        (based_loc_descr): offset is HOST_WIDE_INT.
        (add_data_member): Likewise.
        (add_const_value_attribute): Simplify.

breaks bootstrap on any target where HOST_WIDE_INT != long, because
tree.h still has several declarations with 'long' types: hence we get

dwarf2out.c:719: error: conflicting types for `dwarf2out_def_cfa'
tree.h:3013: error: previous declaration of `dwarf2out_def_cfa'
dwarf2out.c:873: error: conflicting types for `dwarf2out_args_size'
tree.h:3022: error: previous declaration of `dwarf2out_args_size'
dwarf2out.c:892: error: conflicting types for `dwarf2out_reg_save'
tree.h:3026: error: previous declaration of `dwarf2out_reg_save'
dwarf2out.c:901: error: conflicting types for `dwarf2out_return_save'
tree.h:3030: error: previous declaration of `dwarf2out_return_save'

Please fix.  (I would check in the obvious patch, but I have too many
other changes in my tree right now.)


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