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Re: No basic improvements branch for 3.5 - work on tree-ssa

    Last release cycle there was a "basic improvements" branch maintained
    throughout the bugfixes-only period.  This took changes suitable for
    stage 2, which were merged into 3.4 after 3.3 branched.

    I think this was mostly successful, but I'm not going to maintain
    another such branch during this release cycle, because it would
    increase the amount of work required to bring in the tree-ssa branch
    at the beginning of the 3.5 development period.  Instead, I encourage
    people to help out with the tree-ssa branch.

Unfortunately, we've found out that people usually work on what they
want to work on since this is basically a volunteer project.  Having
the basic improvements branch was useful in that it kept changes in
public view and not all in private trees.  It would seem to me that
all the previous arguments for it still apply: it makes it easier to
merge these change in during the start of the 3.5 development if they
are all in one place rather than in numerous private trees.  Another risk
of being in private trees is that by the time the patch is submitted, the
justifications for it will be less fresh in the mind of the author.

I don't understand the concerns you have with respect to the tree-ssa

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