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Re: ASSIGNMENT papers?

On Saturday, October 18, 2003, at 10:23 AM, Carlo Wood wrote:
Can someone clue me in on what the header of an assignment
paper needs to say in order to be able to submit patches
in the future for the whole gcc tree, all languages and all
runtime libraries and documentation?

I'd file for at least:

"ASSIGNMENT - GNU Assembler (gas)"

This way, you are covered for at least these bits, what ever they are. Also, I thought there was a separate gcc documentation assignment they were doing... :-(

The reason is that while you might not do a binutils type patch in the next year or two, the day might come when you find a trivial little bug fix for something in binutils, or something bigger, and that way, you can just submit it and get it in without worrying about paper work, as it is a pain. If you like doing the paper work, well, I'd expect that the first one is the only one you need (and maybe the doc assignment).

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