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RE: MIPS port in CVS HEAD?

Am Son, den 19.10.2003 schrieb david daney um 22:36:

> I think this error is due to an incorrect includes path.  What options
> did you configure with?  There are top level configure options to set
> the location of the system include directory.  You have to set this
> and also have it populated with something close to the proper files.
> I think there may be a chicken and egg type problem with building the
> compiler and libc, so you might have to get creative in creating an
> initial set of system include files.

Thanks for your concern David. I'm already a step farther (in theory)
since I already have a working crosscompiler for exactly the same
configuration. However this is an older version of the compiler (3.2.3)
and I'd like to try a later version because the generated code is either
inefficient or broken.

My problems are only with current head, 3.2.3 works fine (with a few
trivially solvable glitches). Although I could try a build without
newlib my ultimate goal is a step-by-step guide from scratch (i.e.
ultimatively a howto somebody without a working environment can follow)
which I'd like to be part of my diploma thesis.


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