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Suggest add to gcc 3.2.3 platform notes?

I just built gcc 3.2.3 (actually just C, not yet C++, java or the others) on my Sun Ultra-2 running Solaris 7. I have installed Sun's latest recommended patch cluster for Solaris 7. I followed all the tips I could in your solaris platform notes shipped with the gcc release.

Here is something else I found in my travails doing the build, which should perhaps be in those notes:

My /usr/ccs/bin/as is version 5.0 . Using that, I got:
from configure: "checking assembler subsection support... no"
from make bootstrap:
/usr/local/bin/as: "/var/tmp/ccBFJ41m.s", line 4764: error: unknown opcode ".subsection"
/usr/local/bin/as: "/var/tmp/ccBFJ41m.s", line 4764: error: statement syntax
/usr/local/bin/as: "/var/tmp/ccBFJ41m.s", line 4853: error: unknown opcode ".previous"
/usr/local/bin/as: "/var/tmp/ccBFJ41m.s", line 4853: error: statement syntax

When I switched to GNU as version 2.13, then it worked. I got:
from configure: "checking assembler subsection support... working .subsection -1"
and "make bootstrap" gave no errors.

Your platform notes for sparc-sun-solaris2* state that Sun bug 4237974 (a similar error involving long symbol names) is fixed in later versions (5.x) of the assembler, starting with Solaris 7. Maybe so, but it still gives this ".subsection" error.

-- Peter Butterfield

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