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Re: Joining GCC for version 3.4

If I understand right I can't use --enable-languages because I still want
cc1plus to be created.

                      "Andreas Schwab"                                                                                               
                      <>         To:       "Tal Agmon" <>                                             
                      10/16/03 02:52 PM        Subject:  Re: Joining GCC for version 3.4                                             

"Tal Agmon" <> writes:

> On 15 Oct, Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
>>I will try to answer anyway, presuming that you do not refer to
>>the GCC intrinsics library libgcc (or for that matter the
>>language-specific libraries which indeed can be disabled) but
>>rather to a system library like glibc or newlib.
> Actually, I meant both.
> How should I disable libgcc? I tried writing in t-cr16c file the empty
> initializations: LIBGCC =
>                  INSTALL_LIBGCC =
> And it didn't work.
> How to disable libstdc++? Can I avoid getting to target-libstdc++-v3?

--enable-languages=... (don't include c++ here).


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