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Re: Working on new port for GCC-3.4

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Tal Agmon wrote:
> I'm a part of a team that working on a new port for gcc which doesn't
> require any changes outside
> a new config/ directory.

> Currently, we are not working with GNU's libraries.

For the benefit of your GCC port, please consider also
submitting or otherwise making available:

- a simulator that fits in the sim/ framework (see link below)
- a port to newlib, calling simulator primitives (actually quite simple)
- a dejagnu "baseboard" file

Then anyone (in particular, GCC maintainers) can run the GCC
testsuite on the simulator to avoid regressions for your port
when changing the core of GCC.  For some toolchain ports where
this works, see <URL:>.
Otherwise, you should expect that your port "breaks" now and

> 2. Is there a way to disable the compilation of GNU's libraries in the
> build process?

This depends on what you refer to as "GNU libraries".  You have
to specify that for a useful answer.

I will try to answer anyway, presuming that you do not refer to
the GCC intrinsics library libgcc (or for that matter the
language-specific libraries which indeed can be disabled) but
rather to a system library like glibc or newlib.

If so, the question seems based on the false presumption that a
"GNU library" is expected as part of the build process.  The
only library built as part of the build process if and only if
the source and a port is present is newlib, which isn't a GNU
library.  There are ways to disable it being built, even if the
source is present.

brgds, H-P

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