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Re: Someone broke bootstrap

Hi David and Eric,
> > I'm seeing this on frv too. I blame Zack (at least in the little
> > bit of looking I did...), but that's ok. I'm sure he'll fix it.
> Yes, it looks as if this is caused by one of Zack's recent changes.

Mea culpa.  Zack is completely innocent, the testsuite regressions
are my fault.  Zack asked that I modify my patch to optabs.c's
prepare_float_lib_cmp to call emit_libcall_block directly, but I
screwed up the reorganization, not realizing that "equiv" mustn't
be a NULL_RTX, otherwise very bad things happen...

I've already posted a fix at:
Hopefully, it will be reviewed in the very near future.

The problem shouldn't affect bootstrap as it only shows up with
-O0 when using software floating point, but it is likely to be
the cause of FRV's/HPPA64's regressions.

Sorry again for any inconvenience.  The problem doesn't show up
on x86, and even the -msoft-float tests are never run at -O0,
so it wasn't found during my retesting.  The original patch to
prepare_float_lib_cmp was more widely tested without any problems,
but I underestimated the "obvious" tidy-up.


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