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Re: Can't bootstrap gcc cvs HEAD 20031008 sparc-linux: gcc/function.c:5525: parse error before `int'

On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 03:31:20PM +0200, Carlo Wood wrote:

> I wonder what SPARC_STACK_BOUNDARY_HACK is defined to.

a simple `find . -name '*' | xargs grep -l SPARC_STACK_BOUNDARY_HACK'
in the gcc src tree gives:


and in the gcc/ChangeLog we see that it's been tampered with recently,, by geoffk.

Reading in the gcc/config/sparc/sparc.h we see that there is a problem
for SPARC32 systems...

/* Boundary (in *bits*) on which stack pointer should be aligned.  */
/* FIXME, this is wrong when TARGET_ARCH64 and TARGET_STACK_BIAS, because
   then sp+2047 is 128-bit aligned so sp is really only byte-aligned.  */
#define STACK_BOUNDARY (TARGET_ARCH64 ? 128 : 64)
/* Temporary hack until the FIXME above is fixed.  This macro is used
   only in pad_to_arg_alignment in function.c; see the comment there
   for details about what it does.  */




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