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Re: Moving to GNU Compiler from CAD-UL

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On Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 11:09:00AM +0300, Ahu Unalan wrote:
> We are planning to migrate from CAD-UL to GNU compiler.  I would like to
> learn that GNU supports Intel 80188-80186 CPU's as target.

Strange that you should ask.  My port suddenly started generating code

> Which release of GCC is appropriate to our system (sparc - SunOS - 5.6
> and sparc - SunOS - 5.8 operating systems on Sun solaris 2.6 and solaris
> 2.8 SUNW, Ultra-5_10 machines) for C code compilation? (Target Intel
> 80188 & 80386 CPUs)  (GCC 3.3 ??)

AFAIK, there are no released GCC versions that support pre-i386 x86
targets.  DJ Delorie has written a port, but it is old.  Someone else
has updated that port (forgot the name momentarily), but I don't know
how well it works.

(I've done a i8086 port pretty much from scratch, and it shows.  I have
a cc1 that seems to compile *very* simple code, but the GCC build breaks
when it gets to building libgcc.)

> As we develop real time switch application SW, we have plenty of
> assembler codes.  Which release of GNU binutils covers our need on
> assembler compilation?  Is GNU binutils 2.14 appropriate to our system?

GNU as does support 16-bit ix86 code; it has for the past three years or

> Thanks in advance.

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