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first draft 3.3.2 release notes

Here's the preliminary bug list for the 3.3.2 release notes.  If
there are additional fixes, please let me know -- I am relying on
the Bugzilla target milestone field, so if it is set incorrectly,
I will miss the bug.  Suggestions for better descriptions are also

First, some questions:

12053 is marked with a 3.3.2 milestone, but I believe we aren't
fixing it until 3.4.  Right?

12053 ABI difference between default g++ 3.3 and g++ 3.2

PR 12340 was reported against 3.3.2, can anyone confirm
whether or not it is in 3.3.1?

12340 loop unroller + gcse produces wrong code

The following are not in any shipped gcc, though distros that ship
snapshots (e.g. Debian unstable) might have seen them:

12223 [3.3.2 regression] Compiler generates infinite loop
12248 .hidden detection now broken after recent commit
12328 New bootstrap failure on 3.3 branch
12406 g++.dg/parse/parameter-declaration-1.C fails

And here is the list:

Bootstrap issues

 8336 [SCO5] bootstrap config still tries to use COFF options
 9631 [hppa64-linux] gcc-3.3 fails to bootstrap
 9877 fixincludes makes a bad sys/byteorder.h on svr5 (UnixWare 7.1.1)
11687 xstormy16-elf build fails in libf2c

ICEs that affect multiple platforms:

 7277 Casting integers to vector types causes ICE
11207 ICE with negative index in array element designator
11522 (fortran) g77 dwarf-2 ICE in add_abstract_origin_attribute
11595 (c++) ICE on duplicate label definition
11646 (c++) ICE in commit_one_edge_insertion with -fnon-call-exceptions
      -fgcse -O
11665 ICE in struct initializer when taking address
11852 (c++) ICE with bad struct initializer.
11883 ICE with any -O on mercury-generated *.c file
11991 (c++) ICE in cxx_incomplete_type_diagnostic, in cp/typeck2.c
      when applying typeid operator to template template parameter
12146 ICE in lookup_template_function, in cp/pt.c
12446 ICE in emit_move_insn on complicated array reference
12449 (fortran) ICE in add_abstract_origin_attribute

C and optimization

 9862 spurious warnings with -W -finline-functions
10962 lookup_field is a linear search on a linked list (can be slow if
      large struct)
11370 -Wunreachable-code gives false complaints
12082 Inappropriate unreachable code warnings
12180 Inline optimization fails for variadic function

C++ compiler and library

 3907 nested template parameter collides with member name
 5293 confusing message when binding a temporary to a reference
 5296 [DR115] Pointers to functions and to template functions behave
      differently in deduction
11400 std::search_n() makes assumptions about Size parameter
11409 issues with using declarations, overloading, and built-in functions
11786 operator() call on variable in other namespace not recognized
11867 static_cast ignores ambiguity
11928 bug with conversion operators that are typedefs
12163 static_cast + explicit constructor regression
12181 Wrong code with comma operator and c++
12266 incorrect instantiation of unneeded template during overload resolution
12296 istream::peek() doesn't set eofbit
12451 missing(late) class forward declaration in cxxabi.h
12486 g++ accepts invalid use of a qualified name

x86 specific:

 8869 [x86 MMX] ICE with const variable optimization and MMX builtins
 9786 ICE in fixup_abnormal_edges with -fnon-call-exceptions -O2
11689 g++3.3 emits un-assembleable code for k6 architecture
12116 [k6] Invalid assembly output values with X-MAME code
12070 ICE converting between double and long double with -msoft-float


11184 [ia64 hpux] ICE on __builtin_apply building libobjc
11535 __builtin_return_address may not work on ia64
11693 [ia64] ICE in gen_nop_type
12224 [ia64] Thread-local storage doesn't work


11319 loop miscompiled on ppc32


11662 wrong code for expr. with cast to long long and exclusive or
11965 invalid assembler code for a shift << 32 operation
12301 (c++) stack corruption when a returned expression throws an


11717 [alpha-linux] unrecognizable insn compiling for.c of kernel

Darwin specific (affects Apple OSX too?)

10900 trampolines crash


11313 problem with #pragma weak and static inline functions
11712 __STDC_EXT__ not defined for .cpp by default anymore?

Solaris specific

12166 Profiled programs crash if PROFDIR is set

Solaris-x86 specific

12101 i386 Solaris no longer works with GNU as?

Miscellaneous embedded target-specific bugs

10988 [m32r-elf] wrong blockmove code with -O3
11805 [h8300-unknown-coff] [H8300] ICE for simple code with -O2
11902 [sh4] spec file improperly inserts rpath even when none needed
11903 [sh4] -pthread fails to link due to error in spec file on sh4

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