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Re: Apple's -fast option for gcc

On Saturday, September 20, 2003, at 03:48 AM, Andreas Jaeger wrote:

Bradley Lucier <> writes:

It seems that Apple has implemented a -fast option for it's gcc; it
turns on the following options:

Can you point me to the source of this compiler?

set CVSROOT to

login with password anonymous

You probably want the latest development sources

cvs -z 9 co gcc3
mv gcc3 gcc3-current

Apple is shipping *two* versions of the compiler, you get a different one if you use -fast; you can see this by doing "gcc -v" and "gcc -fast -v"; the regular one is 1493 and the "-fast" one is 1610. To find the precise cvs version numbers, do a

[zakon:~/programs] lucier% cvs status -v gcc3-current/gcc/version.c | grep 1493
gcc-1493 (revision:
[zakon:~/programs] lucier% cvs status -v gcc3-current/gcc/version.c | grep 1610
gccfast-1610 (revision:

Then do

cvs -z 9 co -rgcc-1493 gcc3
mv gcc3 gcc3-1493
cvs -z 9 co -rgccfast-1610 gcc

And the little documentation on "-fast" that does exist is not in either of these cvs source trees nor is it shipped with the gcc3 updater ;-), so to get it do

cvs -z 9 co -rgcc-1495 gcc3/AppleReleaseNotes.html

Thanks to Mike Stump for a lot of help in getting this information.


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