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Re: [gcc] Re: RTL templates names

Thanks, I was not so sure about this.
I have another question : Do I have to use define_insn for all templates
known by the compiler ?


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Alexandre Courbot" <>
To: "Petar Penchev" <>; <>
Sent: 17 ????????? 2003 ?. 15:23
Subject: [gcc] Re: RTL templates names

> > Hi,
> > I started porting  GCC. I have a quiestion about RTL templates and their
> > names.
> > "GCC Internals" says that insn list is matched against templated names ,
> > question is how the compiler
> > matches instructions in the instruction list with custom insns defined
> > 'define_insn' macro ?
> Hello,
> Template names are only used to generate insns. GCC needs to know how to
> generate a mov insn for instance, that's why it is referring to the name
> this pass. Matching is done against the RTL templates only. All templates
> define_insns are candidates for matching, but only templates with names
> by the compiler can be used for RTL generation.
> Alex.

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