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Re: Advice requested: how big can we be?

"Kaveh R. Ghazi" <> writes:

> Some of us have plenty of RAM/swap and would _like_ to build and test
> java, but it doesn't work.  I haven't been able to build mainline java
> on sparc-sun-solaris2.7 since early Spring and most recently retested
> this past week with no luck.

it depends: heavily parallel java bootstraps tend to fail intermittently.
If you remove/move aside the failed sparc-sun-solaris2.7/libjava directory
and try again, it works for me most of the time (generally make -j8 on an
8-CPU Sun Fire 880 running Solaris 8).

> Is there any interest in getting this platform working again?  If so,
> I can provide more recent details, if not then well...

I have compared the succeeding and failing bootstraps (the failure is
usually in linking the binaries in libjava), and found differences between
the versions of libtool generated which explain this.  I haven't yet been
able to find the root cause of the differences, and have been hampered both
by vacation :-) and inability to bootstrap at all on any of my for
platforms for some time.  Things are slowly returning to normal now, and I
hope to report my findings with the relevant PR java/11933.


Rainer Orth, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University

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