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RE: Advice requested: how big can we be?

> The current libgcj build requires a process size > 256M bytes.

Actually, its more than 370MB for mainline -- I had a look at this yesterday
and I was shocked.  Why is it so big???

> Is this unreasonable?  Should we be able to build on boxes with less
> swap than that?  Or shall we just say "512M swap or don't bother
> building libgcj" ?

Please no! It's bad enough as it is.

There still are people who try to make their contribution to GCC but who
don't have the latest and greatest from the hardware stores.

I have an Athlon XP2000 with 265MB and 512MB swap, and I like to think this
is a decent machine.  Certainly that should be enough to build GCC without
But building libjava more than doubles my bootstrap time and my computer is
swapping like mad when it's building the lib (making it impossible to
bootstrap in the background, for example).
A bootstrap without Java doesn't cause any difficulty at all.

You are going to make it impossible for many people to contribute to GCC or
you'll have to accept that patches will be posted that have not been tested
with Java enabled, and that even fewer people will be able to produce test
results for GCJ.


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