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Re: [Bug gcc/12279] Re: GCC 3.4-20030913 VAX lossage.

On Monday, September 15, 2003, at 09:21 PM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

Matt Thomas <> writes:

I have a set of diffs that add PIC code generation to the GCC 3.4
VAX target.  However, due to a bug (which I submitted this weekend)
in casesi processing, I can't fully test these changes.  However,
as far as I can tell, these changes don't introduce any extra

I could submit them to gcc-patches (because I really want these
changes in GCC 3.4) but that doesn't seem right.  But I can't test
them and the bug is beyond my keen to fix.  (The bug happens even
at -O0 so I can't work around it at all).

Any suggestions on how I should proceed?

This patch fixes the VAX ICE. It looks to me like the cfgcleanup.c portion of this patch

2003-09-15 Ian Lance Taylor <>

	* cfgcleanup.c (label_is_jump_target_p): Correct use of table
	returned by tablejump_p.

It helps but now the ICE has just moved down a few lines.

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x08307008 in label_is_jump_target_p (label=0x488a6988, jump_insn=0x488a7340)
at /u2/toolchain/gcc/gcc/cfgcleanup.c:669
669 if (XEXP (RTVEC_ELT (vec, i), 0) == label)
(gdb) list
664 rtvec vec = XVEC (tmp,
666 int i, veclen = GET_NUM_ELEM (vec);
668 for (i = 0; i < veclen; ++i)
669 if (XEXP (RTVEC_ELT (vec, i), 0) == label)
670 return true;
671 }
673 return false;
(gdb) print i
$1 = 0

Matt Thomas email:
3am Software Foundry www:
Cupertino, CA disclaimer: I avow all knowledge of this message.

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