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Re: [tree-ssa] Minor update for project web page - vectorization

Steven Bosscher wrote in
> Should there be a separate part in the status/todo list for the loop
optimizations, or is it too early for that?

One thing I would like to see updated is to have auto-vectorization
mentioned on the todo list of tree-ssa, along with a link to a page that
describes this work in more detail. While the work on vectorization is
still in very early stages, I think it will be good to expose it to other
developers as early as possible, and be able to start and get feedback.

I prepared a draft that lists the main components that vectorization will
consist of and issues that need to be addressed by the vectorizer; The main
purpose is to get initial comments on this tentative implementation plan,
especially with respect to the tree-ssa infrastructure,
optimizations/analyses on that list that are already under development and
their status, etc. In particular, it would be helpful to start discussions
with developers of components that vectorization will repend on, such as
Induction Variable Analysis, and get a clearer notion of what information
to expect these components to provide, and in what form (maybe agree on

This draft is currently linked through my old university account; I hope it
would be possible to include it in the gcc web pages.


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