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GCC Release Status (2003-09-05)

GCC 3.3.2

GCC 3.3.2 is tentatively scheduled for October 1, 2003, which is 25
days away.

There are presently 96 bugs (down from 101).  I reviewed every last
one last night and downgraded/closed a bunch.  Most of these are
pretty obscure, but a few are pretty important, and a bunch of those
have Jan Hubicka's name next to them.  Jan, pelase let me know ASAP
what the status on the bugs assigned to you is.

It also looks like -fnon-call-exceptions has issues.

C++ continues to be a problem, with 23 open bugs.

GCC 3.4

GCC 3.4 is in Stage 2.  GCC 3.4 will enter Stage 3 (bugfixes only) on
October 15th, which is 39 days away.

There are 143 bugs targeted for GCC 3.4 (down from 331).  That sharp
decrease represents the work of our bug volunteers (thanks!!) who went
through and removed non-regressions from the list.  44 of those bugs
are C++ bugs; the corner cases are still getting flushed out of the
new parser.  Some of these are diagnostic-related; I am not too
sympathetic to some, but not all, of these complaints.

There are 26 optimization bugs and 15 target-specific bugs.

Previous Status Report

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC

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