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Re: HP's compiler crashes when building gcc from trunk

I wrote:
> > I just tried building the trunk from an HP/UX system, using the HP-supplied
> > C compiler.  This has worked fine for 3.2.x and 3.3.x, but the trunk
> > crashes HP's compiler:
> > ...
> > ccom: HP92453-01 B.11.11.04 HP C Compiler

On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 10:52:04AM -0500, Albert Chin wrote:
> The latest is:
>   HP92453-01 B.11.11.28212.GP HP C Compiler
> I tried the following with this compiler and it compiles fine:
>   int
>   main (void) {
>     struct {
>       unsigned bit : 1;
>     } foo;
>     int b = 0;
>     foo.bit |= b;
>   }

Yes, but your example compiles fine with the HP compiler version I have as
well.  Evidently only some cases of |= assignment to bitfields are

Can you bootstrap the trunk with your version of the HP compiler?
(Configure with CC=cc if you have gcc installed).

In any case, it's a simple, one-line patch to fix the problem, so I would
prefer to get it installed.  Users are sometimes conservative about
upgrading compiler versions.

In any case, this is now PR 12186, and the patch can be found at

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