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Error Report

This is to report a compilation error.
Linux Redhat 6.2 on Germane hardware with gcc 2.95.2
I was compiling ACE TAO 1.2a and has the following error:
g++ -W -Wall -Wpointer-arith -pipe -O3 -Wno-uninitialized
-I/usr/local/ACE_TAO1.2a/ACE_wrappers/build/RH6.2_GCC2.95.2 -DACE_NDEBUG
-c -fPIC -o .shobj/DynSched.o Sched/DynSched.cpp
 Installing ->
Sched/DynSched.cpp: In method `enum ACE_DynScheduler::status_t
Sched/DynSched.cpp:1325: Internal compiler error.
Sched/DynSched.cpp:1325: Please submit a full bug report.
Sched/DynSched.cpp:1325: See
<URL:> for
cpp: output pipe has been closed
make[1]: *** [.shobj/DynSched.o] Error 1

Thank you,
Stayvis Ng

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