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Re: Where did output_add_string go?

Diego Novillo <> writes:

| On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 17:49, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| > | The old function took as argument a FILE * and the tree node to print
| > | (assumed to be a C _STMT node).
| > 
| > after pp_construct() and pp_c_pretty_printer_init(), set
| > pp_base (printer)->stream to that argument. 
| > 
| Hmm, I was hoping to re-use whatever object is initialized by
| c_initialize_diagnostics.

c_initialize_diagnostics only initializes the global diagnostic context

|  All that malloc/free/memcpy activity to print
| a single node doesn't sound appealing. 

You're right on the account that that piece is no good.  There should
be a fonction to take care of all that.

But you should not have to construct c_pretty_printer object each time
you want to print a node in a given run.  You construct one at the
start and you reuse it.

| Could I (ab)use global_dc for this?  (it's not all that appealing either).

You may, but then you'll have diagnostics and all pretty-printing
things go on the same FILE *.

-- Gaby

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