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Re: [patch 3.4] PR8180: --without-headers broken (was: -Dinhibit_libc not being set in gcc-3.4/gcc/configure?)

On Aug 14, 2003, Dan Kegel <> wrote:

> How's this look?  If it's ok I'll send it to gcc-patches...

Looks good to me.  Please add a line break to the line that got too
long, post it to gcc-patches (along with a ChangeLog entries) and, if
you have CVS write access, check it in (the top-level change should be
installed in the src repository as well, if you have CVS write access
there too).

> or is the protocol to send it there first?

Patches should go to gcc-patches.  They may be copied to other lists
(even though this is not always regarded as good practice), but unless
they're in GCC patches, they can't go into CVS, and they often won't
be even considered as patch submissions.


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