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64-bit on ia-32


For a program I'm writing, I must use 64-bit datatypes on a IA-32
host.  Since performance is everything for this application, I'm
looking at the code that GCC generates; and I have found something
that I think could be done better.  Take the following example:

register unsigned long long v0 asm ("%esi");

union u
    unsigned int ww[2];
    unsigned long long ll;

extern int p1, p2;
#define P1 ((int) &p1)
#define P2 ((int) &p2)

static void
move1 (void)
  v0 = (((unsigned long long) P1 << 32) & 0xffffffff00000000
        | ((unsigned long long) P2) & 0xffffffff) ;

static void
move2 (void)
  union u u1;
  u1.ww[0] = P1;
  u1.ww[1] = P2;
  v0 = u1.ll;

This generates the following code with GCC 3.2.1 : (Flags is -O2 

        movl    $p1, %eax
        pushl   %ebx
        xorl    %ecx, %ecx
        movl    %eax, %ebx
        xorl    %edx, %edx
        movl    $p2, %eax
        orl     %edx, %ebx
        orl     %eax, %ecx
        movl    %ebx, %edi
        movl    %ecx, %esi
        popl    %ebx

        movl    $p1, %eax
        movl    $p2, %edx
        movl    %eax, %esi
        movl    %edx, %edi

What bothers me is the move2 function.  Why don't move the value
to %esi:%edi directly?  Even if the processor does a good job 
executing these insns out-of-order, there is still the problem
with code size.

Is there a away that I can make GCC emit code that moves the
address of p1 and p2 to %esi and %edi, directly?

I've also tried this:

  static void
  move3 (void)
    ((union u) v0).ww[0] = P1;
    ((union u) v0).ww[1] = P2;

But GCC elminates the code (only a ret insn is emitted).  Is
this done by the DCE optimization pass?

Johan Rydberg, Free Software Developer, Sweden |

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