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GCC target for uClinux with uClibc


in order to make some of the GCC patches acceptable,
I must avoid uClinux specific changes in the m68k-elf
target headers.

The only solution is adding a new target specific to
uClinux, or uClibc, or both.

I was thinking about m68k-uclinux-elf or m68k-uclibc-elf.
Some of the constraints are:

- uClinux binaries must be linked differently
  than m68k-elf binaries

- There are two C libraries for uClinux: uC-libc
  (smaller) and uClibc (feature complete and highly
  glibc compatible). Currently, I'm only supporting
  uClibc, but someone might want to support uC-libc
  in the future.

- I would like to keep configuring binutils as
  "m68k-elf" because the uClinux specific patches
  don't conflict with embedded targets.

- Preserving the original "m68k-elf-" prefix for
  GCC binaries would make the transition to the
  new toolchain less painful.

- libstdc++ really wants to know wether it's using
  uClibc instead of glibc. It doesn't really matter
  whether it's uClinux or some other Linux incarnation.

 // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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