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There is poor documentation, ( in the sence that it is not easily digested if you haven't done a couple of runs of the code ), and also not much in the howto getting started.

Also the overall workings of the frontends/gcc and some major parts of it is not that well documented.

Take the tree's, GENERIC and GIMPLE have just started to have decent documentation, which have probably excluded a lot of people from doing work related to that.

It's quite a bit of an undertaking getting started in writing code for gcc before you get going.

I think it is this kind of problems that people refer to as hard to work with, also breakage in other ports by their patches.

/ regards, Lars Segerlund.

Steven Bosscher wrote:

In the "Processor Architect's Panel" at the kernel summit, GCC was
apparently discussed shortly:

"Jon 'maddog' Hall said that the various processor architectures wild
also benefit from paying more attention to gcc. The architects responded
uniformly with complaints about how difficult it is to work with the gcc
team. They all understand their interest in having gcc work will with
their processors, but actually getting patches into the gcc code base is
difficult."  (

I'm not sure why they think it is so difficult.  It would seem that if
the patch is architecture-specific and well-formed (ie. conforming to
the coding style, etc), it typically just goes in, period.  And patches
to target-independent code may go through one or two review cycles, but
again, if the patch looks good, it goes in.  At least, I got the
impression that patches are seldomly rejected.

So why would these people think it's difficult to work with the people
on this list, and to contribute code (and what can be done about it)?


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