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new FAILs on HEAD

These new FAILs

FAIL: g++.old-deja/g++.other/crash18.C (test for excess errors)
FAIL: gcc.misc-tests/mg.c

were caused by one of the following checkins

2003-07-30  Andreas Tobler  <>

	* dyn_load.c: Define __private_extern__ to match Apple's system 
2003-07-30  Zdenek Dvorak  <>

	* combine.c (distribute_notes): Cancel REG_VALUE_PROFILE notes.
	* profile.c (compute_value_histograms): New static function.
	(branch_prob): Read back the value histograms.
	* rtl.c (reg_note_name): Add name for REG_VALUE_PROFILE note.
	* rtl.h (enum reg_note): Add REG_VALUE_PROFILE note.
	* value-prof.c: Add comment on reading the profile.
	* doc/invoke.texi (-fprofile-values): Document behavior with

2003-07-30  David Edelsohn  <>

	* longlong.h (PowerPC umul_ppmm): Do not test __vxworks__.

2003-07-30  Ulrich Weigand  <>

	* config/s390/s390.h (EH_RETURN_HANDLER_RTX): Compute offset

Wed Jul 30 19:12:10 CEST 2003  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* gcse.c (insert_store): Ignore fake edges.

	* c-common.c (flag_vtable_gc): Kill.
	* c-common.g (flag_vtable_gc): Kill.
	* c-opts (c_common_handle_option): Kill.
	* c.opt (fvtable-gc): Kill.
	* final.c (final_scan_insn): Do not call assemble_vtable_entry.
	* output.h (assemble_vtable_entry, assemble_vtable_inherit): Kill.
	* varasm.c (assemble_vtable_entry, assemble_vtable_inherit): Kill.

	* invoke.texi (-ftable-gc): Kill documentation.

	* tree-inline.c (inlinable_function_p): Don't set DECL_UNINLINABLE
	just because function body is missing.

	* i386.c (pic_symbolic_operand): Properly detect RIP relative unspecs.

Wed Jul 30 19:12:48 CEST 2003  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* class.c (build_vtable_entry_ref): Kill.
	(build_vtbl_ref_1): Do not call build_vtable_entry_ref.
	(build_vfn_ref): Do not call build_vtable_entry_ref.
	* cp-tree.h (prepare_assemble_variable): Kill.
	* cp-decl.c (prepare_assemble_variable): Kill.

Wed Jul 30 19:13:34 CEST 2003  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* vtgc1.c: Kill.

2003-07-08  Andrew Haley  <>

        * include/i386-signal.h (RESTORE): New.
        (INIT_SEGV): Set restorer.
        (INIT_FPE): Likewise.

2003-07-30  Phil Edwards  <>

	* include/bits/c++config:  Partial reversion (comment placement) of
	previous patch.

2003-07-30  Benjamin Kosnik  <>

	* include/bits/c++config (_GLIBCXX_FULLY_COMPLIANT_HEADERS): Remove.
	(_GLIBCXX_AT_AT): Remove.
	(__USE_MALLOC): Remove.
	* include/std/std_fstream.h: Modify.
	* include/bits/basic_ios.h: Same.
	* include/bits/valarray_array.h: Same.
	* include/c_std/std_cmath.h: Same.
	* include/c_std/cmath.tcc: Same.
	* include/std/std_vector.h: Same.
	* include/std/std_string.h: Same.
	* include/std/std_stack.h: Same.
	* include/std/std_queue.h: Same.
	* include/std/std_list.h: Same.
	* include/std/std_deque.h: Same.
	* include/std/std_streambuf.h: Same.
	* include/std/std_sstream.h: Same.
	* include/std/std_ostream.h: Same.
	* include/std/std_istream.h: Same.
	* include/bits/valarray_array.tcc: Same, format.

	* include/c/std_cctype.h: Fix include guards.
	* include/c/std_cerrno.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_cfloat.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_climits.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_clocale.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_cmath.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_csetjmp.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_csignal.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_cstdarg.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_cstddef.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_cstdio.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_cstdlib.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_cstring.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_ctime.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_cwchar.h: Same.
	* include/c/std_cwctype.h: Same.
	* include/c_std/cmath.tcc: Same.
	* include/c_std/std_cmath.h: Same.
2003-07-30  Gawain Bolton  <>

	PR libstdc++/11504.  
	* include/bits/stl_tree.h: Replace C-style casts with C++-style
	casts.  Changes to avoid casting away constness.  Eliminate
	_Rb_tree_base_iterator class.  Change _Rb_tree_iterator to use
	initialization lists.  Move out implementation of __black_count()
        * src/ and rename _Rb_tree_black_count().
        Rename_Rb_tree_base_iterator::_M_increment() to
        _Rb_tree_increment and _Rb_tree_base_iterator::_M_decrement() to
        * config/linker-map.gnu: Add and change symbols here.

2003-07-30  Jonathan Wakely  <>

	* docs/html/22_locale/howto.html: Use locale::classic() instead
	of locale("C").

2003-07-30  Andi Kleen  <>

	* loop.c (check_dbra_loop): Allow LTU in the loop condition.

2003-07-30  Neil Booth  <>

	* cppfiles.c (stack_file, open_file_failed): Use path for deps.

2003-07-31  Ulrich Weigand  <>

	UNSPECV_BLOCKAGE): New constants.
	("*sethighqisi", "*sethighhisi", "*sethiqidi_64", "*sethiqidi_31",
	"*extractqi", "*extracthi", "*extendqidi2" splitter, "*extendqisi2"
	splitter, "fix_truncdfdi2_ieee", "fix_truncdfsi2_ieee",
	"fix_truncsfdi2", "fix_truncsfsi2", "blockage"): Use them.

	(all insns and expanders): Write output control string as brace block
	where appropriate.  Remove \-escapes for doublequote characters.

Thu Jul 31 01:04:19 CEST 2003  Jan Hubicka  <>

	* gcse.c (insert_store): Fix typo in previous patch.

2003-07-29  Andrew Pinski <>

	PR target/11565
	* gcc.dg/i386-387-1.c (dg-options): Add -march=i386.
	* gcc.dg/i386-387-5.c (dg-options): Likewise.

debian GNU/Linux i686 unstable

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