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Re: portable cdecl 'elliptic' function calls

Greetings, and thank you for this tip!  I now think I see how to do
this in GCL, and would like to build in dependency on libffi.  Is this
available on everyone's systems?  I'm assuming its packaged at least
everywhere gcc is available.  What about solaris, Mac OS X?

Take care,

Fergus Henderson <> writes:

> On 28-Jul-2003, Camm Maguire <> wrote:
> > object
> > c_apply_n(object (*fn)(), int n, object *x)
> > {object res=Cnil;
> > #if 1
> >  object *stack;
> > 
> >  if (!(stack=alloca(n*sizeof(*stack))))
> >    FEerror("Cannot allocate stack for elliptic call", 0);
> >  memcpy(stack,x,n*sizeof(*stack));
> >  res=fn();
> This code is extremely non-portable.
> I suggest you try using libffi, which is included in the GCC sources.
> See libffi/README.
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Camm Maguire	
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