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Re: [tree-ssa]: Constant propagation into PHI's screws up IVR andPRE

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 11:29, Daniel Berlin wrote:
> As the subject says, constprop into phi's screws up both PRE and IVR.
> Let me give an IVR example:
> for (i = 0; i < 50; i++)
> now becomes
> i_4 = 0;
>    while (1)
>      {
>        #   i_1 = PHI <0(0), i_7(10)>;
> because of the propagated 0 in the phi, we can't properly detect i as 
> an induction variable.
> Why?
> Trivial induction variables in SSA have the following property:
> a phi of arity 2 in the loop body with one value coming from the same 
> variable name in the loop pre-header, and one value coming from the 
> same variable name in the loop latch.
> We have no idea what variable caused that 0 to be propagated into the 
> PHI. It's not necessarily "i".

So does that mean if I have :

for (i = b; i< lim; i++)

where I have a PHI:

i_6 = a_3
i_9 = PHI <i_6(2), i_8(6)>

and we copy prop this, we end up with:

i_9 = PHI <a_3(2), i_8(6)>

So you wouldn't recognize that as an induction variable either?

I would think you ought to be able to tell that the edge from 2 is the
initialization edge, and it doesn't matter what value is there. The
important thing is you have an 'i' coming in from the back edge...

This kind of thing seems like it ought not be hard to detect, and its
really limiting not to be able to do so.   You are having the net effect
of saying "we cant do many optimization before IVR or PRE, or we cant
find anything"  And thats the opposite of what we're looking for.

Once we've done any kind of loop analysis, dont we mark that back edge
as a latch or something, and I presume that means we'd know that the
block the PHI is in is the top of loop, so it doesnt seem like it would
be very hard to detect that this is indeed an induction variable.


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