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Re: Development plan *ducks* (Re: Loop optimizer issues)

> > For example, bug 11131, a mainline regression, doesn't look related to
> > unit-at-a-time.  But I just found out that your unit-at-a-time patch 
> > seems to have caused that bug to re-appear.  It's a pessimizes-code bug,
> > so regtesting could have missed it.  Now in this case there's a test
> > case for it, but who knows what else may be wrong that we don't know
> > about yet?
> Well, this is the case of about any GCC patch.
> I remember I fixed template1.C failure once already.  I will try to
> figure out what happent to the patch.  I remmeber that it was related to
> some hack in C++ cannot_inline function.
Hmm, the testcase does not appear to fail in my setup (i686-linux too as
in the PR that is quite weird).  If it fails for you can you please just
step into cp_cannot_inline_tree_fn and figure out why it fails in foo1?
The patch I was fixing was actually different problem and is already in
the tree.

> Honza
> > 
> > > We are about to build all the SuSE Linux pakcages with unit-a-t-atime so
> > > it should get enought testing in a week or so.
> > 
> > Cool, good luck!  Will those packages be available for download? ;-p
> > 
> > Gr.
> > Steven
> > 

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