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Re: [ANNOUNCE] GCC 3.3.1 uClinux/ColdFire toolchain (20030725 snapshot)

Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
arm-elf was an easy pick for me since there it has a simulator in gdb
and it's being used as the example in the combined tree tutorial ;-)

Right, but -elf target names seem to be reserved for embedded systems without an OS. I'm no expert, though. Maybe you should take a poll...

It looks like the name arm-uclinux is in use, and makes more sense than
arm-elf, at least to me;
I'd expect m68k-uclinux to also be popular?

With the latest official uClinux toolchain (2.95.3 based), they were still using m68k-elf with several unclean tweaks in the header files.

I've built on top of that mess, but before I submit any patches
touching the target configuration, I'll have to create the
m68k-uclinux-elf myself.

Hmm. The -elf in that case seems redundant.

I've not yet figured out how to do it all over the toolchain, but
looking at config.gcc it appears to be quite straightforward.

One of these days I have to submit patches to allow ppc405-*-*-* and ppc750-*-*-*, I'm not really looking forward to it, but I guess now that I'm running all the test suites, at least I have a chance of writing a patch that doesn't break anything.

I'll start porting those to HEAD when I've shaken out the remaining
bugs on the stable branch.

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar :-) - Dan

Dan Kegel

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