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Re: Development plan *ducks* (Re: Loop optimizer issues)

Steven Bosscher <> writes:

> Op ma 28-07-2003, om 22:40 schreef Zdenek Dvorak:
>> What would be the purpose of making the changes in my private tree?  I think
>> it is better to expose my work to other people as well.
> This is true of course; you're not going to get the required testing
> unless development is done in public.  But in fact, with the current
> number of branches, you're not going to get the testing if you work on
> the rtl-opt branch.
> Just look at the gcc-testresults archive: No more than 4 test results
> this month, all of them from phil's autocrasher, ie. one target.
> Compare that with tree-ssa, with more than 100 reported test results,
> for no fewer than 7 different targets just yesterday.

I'd strongly encourage merging rtlopt into tree-ssa at some point,
rather than trying to merge them both into mainline early in 3.5.
Zdenek, is there anything else in rtlopt besides your new loop
optimizer?  If not, perhaps you should fold it into tree-ssa now and
continue development on that branch.


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