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Re: [autoconf-conversion] Re: Toplevel configury, multilibs, newautoconf versions

Phil Edwards <> writes:

> So, when the primary v3 configure is run,
> the toplevel does it via
>     CXX=Primary $srcdir/configure --stuff
> Clear?
> Now, at the end of that run, config.status is generated and executed.
> It source's, which runs through the list of multilib subdirs,
> and does text substitution on the env variables.  Pretend we have one
> multilib, and I'll call the CXX variable for that one Multilib:
>     # does this
>     Multilib=`echo Primary | sed 's/references-to-primary-dir/references-to-multilib-dir'`
>     cd up-and-over-to-multilib-dir/libstdc++-v3
>     CXX=Multilib $srcdir/configure --stuff

It seems to me that the problem is right here: we shouldn't have this
Primary/Multilib distinction in the first place.  Suppose we hoist all
the iteration over multilibs up to the top level Makefile.  Then each
multilib directory gets configured as a 'primary' and the symptoms
you've observed vanish.

I want this for other reasons - specifically, I want to be able to set
up a multilib set that doesn't have any primary (default).


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