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Re: SCO systems and 'Target Deprecation'

> This is a general heads-up to inform y'all that the FSF is currently
> considering various responses to SCO and in the course of this it _is_
> definitely keeping users of SCO and contributors using SCO systems in
> mind as well.
> RMS, Eben Moglen and others are working on this issue and will (if
> some measures may concern GCC) let us know directly or via the SC what
> they suggest.
> (This list is not really the right place to discuss issues like this.)

I hope you are not meaning to say that the right forum is internal-
to-the-FSF email lists amongst RMS, Eben Moglen and others.  It is
relevant to GCC developers and there is no better GCC list.

RE:  the issue at hand, it is well known that any Caldera/SCO employee
saying more than, "Boo!" to the issue is subject to dismissal.  Kean,
you might want to raise the issue of the problems that may follow by
failing to have a coherent response.  Let your legal department vet
a posting.  I'm sure it would take several milliseconds before it would
get reposted to slashdot.  :-)

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