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Re: mips64-linux multilib vs -B mips64-linux/lib32/

On Sat, Jul 19, 2003 at 07:58:29PM +0200, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
> -B is the prefix for the executables etc.  It should be the same
> independend of the multilib.
Well the problem is that -B is not only executables, the docs told me...
# This option specifies where to find the executables, libraries,
# include files, and data files of the compiler itself.
...and it seems to be right since we really pick up the wrong libc.

> The magic happens AFAIK with the --print-multi options.  For example I
> have on x86_64:
> $ gcc --print-multi-lib
> .;
> 32;@m32
> $ gcc --print-multi-directory
> .
> $ gcc --print-multi-os-directory
> ../lib64
> $ gcc --print-multi-os-directory -m32
> ../lib
> $ gcc --print-multi-directory -m32
> 32
I stumbled on these already and they all looked reasonable:
$ mips64-linux-gcc -mabi=n64 --print-multi-os-directory 
$ mips64-linux-gcc -mabi=64 --print-multi-os-directory 
mips64-linux-gcc -mabi=32 --print-multi-os-directory 

I'm still puzzled what exactly mabi-fake-default is:
$ mips64-linux-gcc --print-multi-lib
I'm digging into this further...
 -- Guido

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