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Re: FSF GCC, #import and #pragma once

> > Well, I claim (and no-one can yet prove me wrong) that #import doesn't 
> > really add much complexity, especially if you have to support #pragma 
> > once anyway; that my rewrite can remove cpp_simplify_pathname if you 
> > want it to; and in short that my rewrite will be so wonderful that 
> > you'll agree with everything that I propose.
> Geoff, you wrote this back on 4th March.  Is this going to be proposed
> before the end of July?  If not, I intend to proceed with the #import
> restriction I suggested, and likely my own cleanup of cppfiles.c lookup
> logic.

FYI, after Zack announced #import would be dropped from future releases of
GCC, I turned on the GCC warnings against #import on gnustep-make on March
4th, so in the last nearly 6 months every GNUstep user/developer has been
verbosely warned whenever he was using #import.

Much/most GNUstep software should have been updated to use #include -
whoever (GNUstep-wise) didn't update his software has been willingly
ignoring huge warnings that he had to update it by converting #import to
#include (and whoever didn't update his software outside GNUstep has been
willingly disabled warnings by using -Wno-import, so he's equally guilty
of ignoring warnings).

Given all this (succesfull) effort to have code converted to use #include,
I'd recommend sticking to the announced plan - after surviving the pain
(unpopularly warning all users that something they've been using for years
is seriously deprecated) I don't see why we should be missing the benefit
(simplifying considerably the Objective-C language and it's implementation
as a simple extension to C).

If you still want to drop #import (which at this point, as I said, knowing
all the pros and cons, I'd warmly agree with doing), I suggest taking at
least yet another intermediate step - give our users another year or so
before #import really disappears - making a major release (3.4) where the
warning against #import becomes an actual compilation error, but where it
can still be turned off by -Wno-import.  Then in the following major
release (3.5 I suppose) you could completely drop #import from FSF GCC,
and we could finally close this thorny issue. :-)

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