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Re: Another issue with diagnostic format-checker

Gabriel Dos Reis <> writes:

>   (1) format checking  is done when we use GCC (modulo versions).
>   (2) the bootstrapping compiler is told (via attributes) what to check.
>   (3) the attraibutes are hardwired in the files.
> the last point is what is causing the trouble.
> When the current front-end (which we want to build an executable for)
> invokes the bootstrapping compiler, it is its responsability to tell
> what is the set of format specifiers.  That set is specified
> statically via -DGCC_DIAG_STYLE=__gcc_xxx__, not the way it is
> currently done.  But statically. 

Okay, I understand this.  However, this suggests that you intend to
compile files shared between front ends more than once, with different
settings of GCC_DIAG_STYLE.  I think this is a bad idea.  The actual
content of the file does not change - the .o file should be identical -
and, in particular, the format specifiers that are used in that file
do not change.  You are in effect doing an intersection operation on
the diagnostic styles - far better to perform that intersection once,
write the result into c-format.c, and then wire the appropriate
settings into the files themselves.  Then you need not compile files
more than once, and you need not add complexity to the Makefile.


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