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3.3.1 bug fix list, first crude draft

Here's a first shot at a bug fix list for 3.3.1.  Ideally, it could be
obtained by searching for RESOLVED/FIXED with target milestone=3.3.1.
Unfortunately life is a bit harder, because a number of bugs were closed
as fixed in 3.4 without resetting the target milestone; I also know of
three bugs that are fixed in 3.3.1 but whose target milestone says 3.4.
To make the task of preparing release notes less painful, I'd like to
get agreement that "target milestone" for a fixed bug means the earliest
planned release that will contain the fix.  That means that if a bug is
closed as fixed in 3.4, and it is then decided to backport the fix for
3.3.2, the target milestone would be changed to compensate.  I haven't
done any of that yet, but the changes would be:

Change milestone: 5388, 10661, 11062 should be 3.3.1
Change milestone: 8986 should be 3.4 (also 10576, 10594 10722, 10721,
8078, 10705, 10898, 11019, 11025)
Change milestone: 11104 was fixed in 3.3.

Some other notes: 
11194, 11345 appeared and were fixed after the 3.3 release, they don't
occur in any release and so are not listed.

11008: not clear if this is fixed in 3.3.1: log refers to mainline but
target milestone says 3.3.1.  Anyone know?

In any case, here are the lists:

Bootstrap failures:

11272 [Solaris] make bootstrap fails while building libstdc++

Internal compiler errors (ICEs):

 5754 ICE on invalid nested template class
 6597 ICE in set_mem_alias_set compiling Qt with -O2 on ia64 and 
 6949 (c++) ICE in tsubst_decl, in cp/pt.c
 7053 (c++) ICE when declaring a function already defined as a friend
      method of a template class
 8164 (c++) ICE when using different const expressions as template
       parameter (DUP: 10558)
 8384 (c++) ICE in is_base_type, in dwarf2out.c
 9559 (c++) ICE with invalid initialization of a static const
 9649 (c++) ICE in finish_member_declaration at cp/semantics.c:1850 when
      redeclaring a static member variable
 9864 (fortran) ICE in dwarf2out:add_abstract_origin_attribute with
      -g -O -finline-functions
10432 (c++) ICE in poplevel, in cp/decl.c
10475 ICE in subreg_highpart_offset for code with long long
10635 (c++) ICE when dereferencing an incomplete type casted from a void
 pointer (dup: 10727)
10661 (c++) ICE in instantiate_decl, in cp/pt.c while instantiating static
      member variables
10700 ICE in copy_to_mode_reg on 64-bit targets
10712 (c++) ICE in constructor_name_full, in cp/decl2.c
10796 (c++) ICE when defining an enum with two values: -1 and MAX_INT_64BIT
10890 ICE in merge_assigned_reloads building Linux 2.4.2x sched.c (dup: 10884)
10939 (c++) ICE with template code
10956 (c++) ICE when specializing a template member function of a template
      class, in tsubst, in cp/pt.c
11041 (c++) ICE: const myclass &x = *x; (when operator*() defined)
11059 (c++) ICE with empty union
11105 (c++) ICE in mangle_conv_op_name_for_type
11149 (c++) ICE on error when instantiation with call function of a base type
11228 (c++) ICE on new-expression using array operator new and
11301 (fortran) ICE with -fno-globals
11473 (c++) ICE with -gstabs when empty struct inherits from an empty struct
11503 (c++) ICE when instantiating template with ADDR_EXPR

11022 no warning for non-compatible macro redefine

c front end, optimization:
 5897 No warning for statement after return
11198 -O2 -frename-registers generates wrong code (aliasing problem)
11304 Wrong code production with -fomit-frame-pointer
11381 volatile memory access optimized away
11491 Problem with optimized inline caller of alloca()

 5388 Incorrect message "operands to ?: have different types"
 9393 Anonymous namespaces and compiling the same file twice
10032 -pedantic converts some errors to warnings
10468 const typeof(x) is non-const, but only in templates
10527 confused error message with "new int()" parameter initializer
10682 gcc chokes on a typedef for an enum inside a class template
10689 pow(std::complex(0),1/3) returns (nan, nan) instead of 0.
10845 template member function (with nested template as parameter) cannot  be
      called anymore if another unrelated template member function is defined
10849 Cannot define an out-of-class specialization of a private nested 
      template class
10888 Suppress -Winline warnings for allocate in ~vector()
10929 -Winline warns about functions for which no definition is visible
10931 valid conversion static_cast<const unsigned int&>(lvalue-of-type-int)
      is rejected
10940 Bad code with explicit specialization
10968 If member function implicitly instantiated, explicit instantiation
      of class fails to instantiate it
10990 Cannot convert with dynamic_cast<> to a private base class from
      within a member function
11039 Bad interaction between implicit typename deprecation and friendship
11062 (libstdc++) avoid __attribute__ ((unused)); say  "__unused__" instead
11095 C++ iostream manipulator causes segfault when called with negative
11098 g++ doesn't emit complete debugging information for local variables
      in destructors
11137 Linux shared library constructors not called unless there's one
      global object
11154 spurious ambiguity report for template class specialization
11329 Compiler cannot find user defined implicit typecast
11332 Spurious error with casts in ?: expression
11431 static_cast behavior with subclasses when default constructor available

 5179 Qualifed static field access doesn't initialize its class
 8204 gcj -O2 to native reorders certain instructions improperly

 7594 [m68k] ICE on legal code associated with simplify-rtx
10557 [m68k] ICE in subreg_offset_representable_p
11054 [m68k] ICE in reg_overlap_mentioned_p

10842 [arm] Clobbered link register is copied to pc under certain circumstances
11052 [arm] noce_process_if_block() can loose REG_INC notes
11183 [arm] ICE in change_address_1 (3.3) / subreg_hard_regno (3.4)

11084 ICE in propagate_one_insn, in flow.c

10331 can't compile c++ part of gcc crosscompiler for sh-elf
11096 i686-linux to sh-linux cross compiler fails to compile C++ files

10663 New configure check aborts with Sun tools.

10142 [SPARC64] gcc produces wrong code when passing structures by value
10835 combinatorial explosion in scheduler on HyperSPARC
10876 ICE in calculate_giv_inc when building KDE (DUP: 10921, 11217, 11300, 11426, 11430)
10955 wrong code at -O3 for structure argument in context of structure return
11018 -mcpu=ultrasparc busts tar-1.13.25

4823  ICE on inline assembly code
9815  (c++ library) atomicity.h - fails to compile with -O3 -masm=intel
10402 (inline assembly) [x86] ICE in merge_assigned_reloads, in reload1.c
10673 ICE for x86-64 on freebsd libc vfprintf.c source
11044 [x86] out of range loop instructions for FP code on K6
11089 ICE: instantiate_virtual_regs_lossage while using sse built-ins
11420 [x86_64] gcc generates invalid asm code when "-O -fPIC" is used

PowerPC specific:

 9745 [powerpc] gcc miscompiles libmcrypt (alias problem during loop)
10871 error in rs6000_stack_info save_size computation

SH specific:
10413 [SH] ICE in reload_cse_simplify_operands, in reload1.c

GNU/Linux (or Hurd?) specific:
 2873 Bogus fixinclude of stdio.h from glibc 2.2.3

UnixWare specific:
 3163 configure bug: gcc/aclocal.m4 mmap test fails on UnixWare 7.1.1

Cygwin (or mingw) specific:
 5287 ICE with dllimport attribute (DUP: 7910, 9738, 11021)
10148 [MingW/CygWin] Compiler dumps core

DJGPP specific:
 8787 GCC fails to emit .intel_syntax when invoked with -masm=intel on DJGPP

 1607 (c++) Format attributes on methods undocumented
 4252 Invalid option `-fdump-translation-unit'
10355 document an issue with regparm attribute on some systems
      (e.g. Solaris)
10726 (fortran) Documentation for function "IDate Intrinsic (Unix)" is wrong
10805 document bug in old version of Sun assembler
10815 warn against GNU binutils on AIX
10877 document need for newer binutils on i?86-*-linux-gnu
11280 Manual incorrect with respect to -freorder-blocks

Testsuite bugs (compiler itself is not affected)

10737 newer bison causes g++.dg/parse/crash2.C to incorrectly report failure
10810 gcc-3.3 fails make check: buffer overrun in test_demangle.c

Q. What's more of a headache than a bug in a compiler.
A. Bugs in six compilers.  -- Mark Johnson

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