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Re: Enable newlib and libstdc++ for arm-wince-pe [PATCH]

Shaun Jackman wrote:
I'm not entirely sure the implication of this change, but both newlib
and libstdc++ compile for arm-wince-pe. I'd like to remove them from

WinCE is a target RTOS that has its own C library, in which case you should not be using newlib by default. Using newlib means some OS features aren't going to work correctly or won't be available.

The libstdc++ comment says that it won't build on top of the WinCE C library. You haven't tried that apparently, so we still need $(libstdcxx_version) added to noconfigdirs in the default case.

Is there a reason why you are trying to use newlib instead of the standard C library for the target?

I see that --with-headers/--with-libs cause with_newlib=no as a side-effect, so I think we can check the value of that when deciding whether to add libstdcxx_version to noconfigdirs. That way we can continue to do it for the normal case, and yet allow you to build it when using newlib. I suggest you write a patch that does that.

This also means that it is OK to remove target-newlib from noconfigdirs, because it will be in skipdirs in the normal case, so there is no need to also have it in noconfigdirs.

The second part of your patch is already fixed on mainline.

I see that --with-sysroot does not set with_newlib=no like the with-headers/with-libs options do. I suspect that is a bug, but not one that you have to worry about.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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