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Re: removing old snapshot CVS tags? (was: gcc_latest_snapshot CVS tag)

On Jul 13, 2003, "Joseph S. Myers" <> wrote:

> A tar.bz2 of the repository does not occupy 1GB!

It has just occurred to me that we don't even need a .tar.bz2 of the
full repository.  All we need is some means to extract the existing
tags into say a shell script that would re-create the tags.  We
shouldn't delete the branch tags, since these would be impossible to
re-create or recover, but parsing the output of cvs status -v $file
into a shell script that does cvs tag -r $revision $tag $file should
take minutes to write, and then one can mirror the active CVS tree,
run the script and, voila, all tags are back in place.

Any volunteer to write the script?  It would actually be nice to have
the script output the command to delete the tags as well, such that we
could make sure we're removing only tags that we'll have means to
restore.  I don't know whether cvs actually checks that the revision
passed as argument to -r matches the tag it is asked to remove.

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