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Re: FW: trademark filings for GCC?

Carl, under the assumption that this will go ahead, you and I will
flesh out the details of the registration offline.  The short answer
to your questions is that FSF is a charitable corporation organized
under Massachusetts law and that we will indicate a first use in
commerce substantially earlier than your proposed timeline, by more
than a decade, through submission of publications using the name in
relation to our software.  I have no reason to believe that there are
marks on the basis of which the office would deny our registration,
but we will make our very substantial priority clear.

Depending on the resources that O&L has available for pro bono
trademark work, we may want to ask for your assistance in other

Best regards,

 Eben Moglen                       voice: 212-854-8382 
 Professor of Law                    fax: 212-854-7946       moglen@
 Columbia Law School, 435 West 116th Street, NYC 10027
 General Counsel, Free Software Foundation

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