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Re: static declaration

scott wrote:

>	I have been having problem with the use of the static keyword.  
>The first problem I have is when I try to create a static class member 
>variable.  Everything compiles correctly, but upon linking where ever the 
>static member variable is used in my code the linker complained about 
>there being an undefined reference to the static member variable.  I 
>thought this might be some other problem, but upon removal of the 
>static key word the program compiles and links fine and runs as 
You have to define static members, not just declare them.

>The second problem I encounter is when trying to declare
>a class member function (that subtracts one global variable from 
>another and returns the differenct) as a static member function.  Upon
>compiling the class I get an error saying I cannot declare member 
>function 'static int Packet::GetMessageSpace()' to have static linkage.
>If I remove the keyword static from the function declaration in both the 
>header file and the c++ file, and change calls to the function from
>Packet::GetMessageSpace() to myPacket.GetMessageSpace()
>(and myPacket is just an object of type Packet)everything compiles 
>and links correctly and the program functions correctly.
Static class methods don't have static linkage in C++, so you mustn't
try to define them with static linkage.

>  I am running
>RedHat 9 on an intel machine.  I would appreciate any help you can 
>give me as to the problems I have received, as I expect I have just 
>overlooked some obvious step to correct these problems.
What you should do is a) read a book on C++, and b) not ask such
questions on the GCC list. This is not a list about C++ programming,
it's about GCC development.

Brane Äibej   <>

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