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Re: ObjC improvements and ObjC++

On Mon, 2003-07-07 at 18:47, Stan Shebs wrote:
> Now that Apple's developers are happily banging away on Panther
> and Xcode and GCC 3.3, we have an opportunity to get local work
> on Objective-C into FSF GCC 3.4, and to get started on Obj-C++
> as well.

Thanks for presenting the plan!

The overall plan makes sense to me -- but I don't think 3.4 is a
realistic target.  Stage 1 for GCC 3.4 is already closed, and this is
inevitably going to be a major change.  I'm also going to be staring at
the C++ changes very carefully before they go in; the basic "mutually
oblivious" strategy makes sense, but the devil is in those dang
details.  (Overload resolution for Objective-C classes?  Template
deduction?  Etc.)

If those details are not specified clearly -- as well as implemented
tidily -- I'm likely to oppose the patch.  The C++ front end is already
complicated enough and a lot of the complexity comes from having to
implement very complex semantics.  The only hope we have is that the C++
standard (mostly) specifies those semantics.  I do not fancy trying to
figure out why the overloading code has some weird Objective-C thing in
there in five years with no specification at which to look.

You already said you're going to work up a detailed specification, so I
think you're fully aware of these issues; I'm just reiterating. :-)

(Frankly, I'd rather see C and C++ get combined into a single front end
before doing Objective-C++, but that's so much work that I don't think
it's reasonable to even request it.)

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC

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